Friday, January 14, 2011

Snow Ice Cream

Did anyone else ever make this as a kid? We Love a good, deep snowstorm because it means SNOW ICE CREAM!! My kids get pretty excited about this rare treat. Anytime a snowflake makes it's way into their line of vision I start getting the question: "Is THIS enough snow for snow ice cream?" I tell them: "It's got to be a good 6-8 inches before it's clean enough!" hen I launch into a lecture about dirt particulates, exhaust from cars, various other kinds of pollution, and of course, the importance of staying away from snow around trees--especially if it's YELLOW!

They think this is funny, and then they wait.

Every 30 inutes or so they ask again and I look outside to check. When finally I deem it clean enough to eat, we run outside and scoop up the biggest Tupperware bowl we have of clean, topsnow! (like topsoil, only whiter....)

The ingredients are simple:

EVAPORATED milk--1-2 cans (depends on how wet the snow is, how much, and your taste)
Granulated sugar (again, to your taste--maybe 1/2 cup per large bowl)
Pure Vanilla extract

Don't pack the snow down too much. The whole point is to have fluffy snow ice cream, not flavored snow ball. Slowly fold in enough evaporated milk to make it stirable. Sprinkle sugar into the mixture and stir slowly. Add vanilla and as much milk as you need to get it the texture you want. You can see ours is actually scoopable, but you can make it more like a smoothie if you like!

Oh! And regular milk doesn't really cut it, so get yourself a few cans of evaporated to have on hand. Nothing is sadder than a perfect storm and no evaporated milk! I mean, there's a foot of snow outside!! How are you going to get to the store to buy evaporated milk?!?

**Disclaimer: Obviously there is no way the average Joe can actually measure the amounts of pollution there is in fallen snow. I tell myself that a good couple of hours of falling pulls down the gunk in the air so we just make sure we scoop it up off the top. Hey, I ate this by the bucketfull as a kid and I'm still here!**


Kristine said...

Tammy, you make the world a better place, you know that?

Peggy said...

I have never, not in my whole entire life, had anything like that! And for the first time in a very long time, I just found myself wishing for a HUGE honkin' snow storm! The kind they cancel school for.

JoMamma said...

I think you are right about the snow being clean after it has snowed for a while. I will have to give this a try sometime.

i'm erin. said...

Thats freaking amazing. I'm seriously going to try it. I've never even heard of such a crazy idea, but already I love it.

Jason and Amy said...

i haven't read your blog in a while and i just finally caught up... jason and i are sitting here dying laughing about your harry potter post! Did you really buy all those tickets?? (oh my gosh i would, so do something like that) Did you sell the extras???? what a nightmare, but kinda hilarious too :)

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