Friday, December 12, 2008

A couple of laughs for the day....

Here are a couple of Awww.......cute video clips for your viewing pleasure!

Aren't dad's great?  

*****The video that was previously posted here was removed by the author when she realized that it had some quite scuzzy links attached to the end of the clip. They were questionable enough to make even the author herself blush.....a little. For those interested in viewing the original clip of the "I'm her....daddy" is the link to it on youtube, where you are on your own.....*****

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sidney's Sweet Sixteen

Exactly 16 years ago today I was experiencing the most exciting moment of my life.  I was at the hospital giving birth to Sidney.  I had been waiting for this moment since I was 14 (ok--let me clarify....I wasn't hoping to give birth at 14.....eww......that was just when my mom explained to me in clinical terms just why we would not be having any more children in our family, thus beginning in my mind the anticipation of having my own children.)  Sidney was everything I could have hoped for, and still is the most amazing young woman I know.  I scoured my very organized photo collection (pfffttt!)  and amassed a compilation of Sidney from birth to now.  Mostly in the form of school photos 'cause who doesn't love those, with a few snapshots and fun portraits thrown in.  Let us (me) reminisce....

Sidney at 2 weeks old

six weeks old

six months old

one year old

two years old

three years old

four years old

five years old


first grade

second grade

third grade

fourth grade

fifth grade

sixth grade

7th grade

8th grade

9th grade

10th grade

Erin photos
('cause if you've got 'em, you should flaunt 'em!)

So that's my Sid.  Sometimes I wonder how she came from me, but I'm certainly not complaining!!   In celebration of her 16th, I made a list:

To Sid:
Sixteen Things I Love About You

1. You are smart--not only academically, but you just have a ton of common sense, which usually counts for more than book smarts.

2. You are responsible--don't think I don't appreciate how you wake up yourself, get ready for school, and keep up on all your homework.  That is so cool!

3.  You are hilarious!  Watching you be you is so entertaining--I love, love love your wit!

4.  You are picky about your friends--People, if Sidney chooses you as a friend, just know that it's for real.  And that you must be a good person, 'cause she's just not interested in anything but!

5.  You are loyal--Again people, Sidney picks her friends for good, you can count on the fact that she will not give up on you unless you break her heart.

6.  You have an appreciation for babies and children.  I watch you with kids and love that you are going to appreciate being a mom.

7.  You are confidant--I know you will probably say "what is she thinking?"  because I hear you profess your lack of this trait, but then I see you move right on in scary situations and usually conquer, so I say your actions speak louder than your words sometimes!

8.  You let me in your life.  I know this is a rare thing, and I am so grateful for it.  Watching you grow and experience your life and getting to be a part of it means more than I can say.  Once again I refer to your hilarious approach to things.  I really get a kick out of watching you and your friends.  

9. You are not afraid of work.  Wether homework, housework, or job opportunities, you just plow right in.  I hope you realize how valuable this is!

10.  You are about as far from a brat as it gets.  You just don't have bratty qualities.  Or whiny ones.  Thank You!!

11. You have good values and a sense of justice.  The things you think are important are very worthwhile things: Family, friends, school, team, church (yeah, I know that you know that even when it isn't fun, it is still important!) your faith and your future.  You really have your head on pretty straight!

12.  You are creative and talented.  You can make anything look good, and you appreciate beauty.  You play beautiful violin and are really conquering the swimming!

13.  You are frugal.  Yeah, this I totally appreciate.  I am always amazed at how you can stretch a buck!  And you understand the realities of life in this economy.  Thanks for not making us feel like we deprive you of the "necessities" of life!  I know you appreciate what you have!

14.  Frugal, yet generous.  You aren't afraid to invest in what you feel is important.  

15. You are honest.  You exhibit this trait in many ways and expect this from people around you.  It's a valuable thing!

16.  Part of me hesitates to put this last one:  You can date.  Aside from the fact that this phrase still gives me a little heart attack, I really am looking forward to watching you have all that fun!  Considering all the above qualities, I'm not super worried about all the pitfalls of this next adventure because I trust you.  You hear me?!  I. Trust. You.  So have fun!  Be Good.  And tell me all about it when you get home!

Okay.  So there are just sixteen of the things I find wonderful about you.  Truthfully, I could go on and on, but we'll save that for another time.  I hope you have a fabulous birthday, Sidney.  I've had a blast watching you grow to this point, and will continue to, I'm sure.  I love you tons, my beautiful daughter.  

Love, Mom

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