Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the Winner is.....


With first and second runners-up:

1. Nicholas

2. Erin

Honorable mention goes to:


Congratulations!!  (sorry, there is no prize.....)

Recap of winning moves:

By far the winner as she submitted her statement about a week after I found out myself.  Having suspected the last time around and NOT having said anything, thereby missing out on her chance to exhibit smugness, she  subsequently risked looking foolish spouting her claims to one and all, making potentially ridiculous statements on a daily basis.  I put her out of her misery quickly, letting her in on the subterfuge early on. Now she is free to legitimately claim: "I told you so!" to any interested parties.

First runner up:

Edging out Erin chronologically and in spiritualness as he actually PRAYED the event starting about 6 weeks ago, whereas Erin only DREAMED the event less than a month ago.  Sorry Erin. Just admit you lost to a five year old.

However; you did beat out Cecilia--and I know how important that is to you.

Second runner up:

Erin--As mentioned before, Erin apparently dreamed the event, and was also unknowingly correct, but prayers trump dreams every time.  I will award extra points for not being fazed when I countered that I had dreamed that she was a polygamist. However; I must take away points for asking me straight out in front of Sidney's Prom Date and insisting to see my belly button, also in front of said prom date.....

And finally, our Honorable Mention contestant:

For pointedly asking "So Tammy, are you cold?" at last Saturdays Activity Day brunch which was held inside the church.  Apparently my wearing of a jacket in the building was perceived as a literal cover-up.  And while I have no solid evidence, I believe Erin probably gave an advance heads up as these two converse frequently, and Erin so loves to cover her butt in situations like this....If, however, I am wrong on this and you came up with this totally on your own, Cecilia, I might be convinced to award extra points in this case.  

I feel that I do have to defend myself in one small thing:  I actually WAS cold and had been for days and didn't even perceive Cecilia's comment for what it was until later.....
shows how sharp I am.....

So if any others out there noticed the pretty much obvious state of things and opted to keep your mouth shut because you know of my proclivity for waiting to spill beans on issues like this, I thank you.  Even though you did not officially "win" with bragging rights, you win for discreetness and tact....or cluelessness...which I personally relate to more intimately anyway.

More information about what brand we're talking about will be forthcoming.......

Friday, May 08, 2009

Bulbs are so worth it!

Every year when our bulbs start coming up I thank myself for taking the time to plant them, and then I wish I had planted MORE!!!!  When they are the only color there is, I want it to be everywhere!  If only I could remember the feeling in October when the time comes to buy and plant them.....Maybe I'll revisit this post to give me the motivation!  Here are some pics:

Okay--I realize the next photos are all of the same tulips, but I really couldn't choose so you get them all!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pink Squared

29 yards of pink fabric.
410 yards of pink thread
24 separate fittings
32 hours of pinning, stitching, ironing, and gathering
1 beautiful daughter
The beginning to a perfect first prom.

Love you Sid!  Hope you and your young man have a great time!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Blue Footed Booby

For some reason I found this funny.....

Nature is so strange sometimes.

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