Thursday, May 15, 2008

A belated congratulations

Remember this sweet photo?

Well, this little pickle cleaned up pretty well---

I know, I know!! He looks just like me........ turns out that the winner of my little photo-caption contest was the son of a long-time (sounds better than saying old), friend of mine. I've known him since he was about six. Here's a pic of him as a kid.

WOAH!!!! Before I continue, I want to point out something I just noticed:

I'm looking at these two pics.......

I'm seeing something interesting.........some similarities, if you will.......


same scrunchy face,

wet, slimy hair......

a strange substance dripping from mouth....

dripping, wet body.....can you see it??

No WONDER he won!!!!!! Chris Clark totally identified with the photo!! I GET it now!! And just like Connor, Chris cleans up pretty well too.......Congratulations Chris!!

Here he is with his winning plate of cookies......

Here he is looking amazed at his winning plate of cookies......

Here he is drooling over his winning plate of cookies.....

Some things never change.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Year of the Yard update

Remember that newly-weeded flower bed from my last post? I have got to say that not many things make me as giddy as watching things grow, so imagine what the last three weeks have been like for me watching this:


Not bad......A few green things besides weeds have popped out of the ground.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!

See? See the pretties?? More bulbs, must have more bulbs!!!

Those orange tulips there make me want to do crazy things......

Can you blame me??

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