Friday, November 21, 2008


Yeah.....If this photo does not keep you from hoppin' to the next blog on your stalker list, there is something seriously WRONG with you! These bad boys were brought into my home last night by my favorite footballer, Bryce, along with about 8 other perfect pastries that did not make it 'till morning.....apparently, homemade doughnuts are a tradition at the Viking Football Linemen parties. Somebody's blessed mother makes several dozen for the boys to feast on. We have been the beneficiaries of said doughnuts before, but since the doughnut-makers son is a senior, and the football season is over, you are looking at the tail end of a soon to be extinct species of dessert. Sad, huh? Let's take a closer look....Since you are there, and the doughnuts are here, you will have to just take my word for it that these are the best doughnuts I have ever tasted. And if such a thing is possible, I dare say that they are even better the next morning. I should know because I ate two.....okay, five. I ate five. I'm not even going to pretend that I ate less than that and I am NOT ashamed! It went a little something like this:MMMMM.....CHOMP......OOHHHH.......YUMMM

OOOPS! I knocked them Kellie, have one. No, have TWO so I can have another one!! MUNCH,MUNCH......SMACK........NUM, NUM, NUM........



I apologize for that gluttonous display of gastronomic engorgement. Just like I had to apologize to Sidney for eating 47% of the doughnuts. Sorry Sidney. I hope all the examples of onomatopoeia made up for it........

Friday, November 07, 2008

1.2 seconds.......

Wow. I just experienced a true emotional roller coaster ride. Jason & I spent the latter bit of our afternoon as two of the many Pleasant Grove Viking football team spectators. After a great 9-1 season, unbeaten (9-0) in their region, and a sweet victory over Brighton last week in their first playoff game, they faced Syracuse today. Tribal pre-game ritual

The game started off with a nice little field goal to take us up 3-0. Then things started to get a little iffy.... A little traffic back-up

We missed several opportunities to move the ball down the field and get back into field goal range. We entered half time down 3-14, if I remember correctly. Then, after losing our possession at the beginning of the second half, Syracuse scored another 7 points to go up 21-3. It looked pretty dismal, but our boys RALLIED with 2 touchdowns and a 2 point conversion to put us at 18-21. A field goal would tie us up and a touchdown would put us out of range unless they could somehow manage a touchdown. NO FEAR

Well, by skill and determination, with only about two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Vikings let fly and we witnessed a spectacular catch in the end zone by Marshall Nielson. This and an extra point meant the almost better-than-you-could-hope-for situation of being ahead 25-21, with little time on the clock. I have to say, I think our team did an amazing job of trying to hold the Titans back. I could swear I was going to have a panic attack as I watched Syracuse inch down the field, utilizing every second they had to their advantage. Until it came down to this: 1.2 seconds left. Syracuse on their own 8 yard line. Our defense was pumped as high as they could go. The crowd as into the game as they could be.....knowing that the outcome of the final play of the game was going to be based on an even balance of skill and luck...on both sides.

It seemed almost too easy. Our eyes could not be believed.

As Syracuse drilled a pass straight into the end zone to win by two points.

I was on the phone with Sid when it ended. Giving her the final outcome of a game she hated to miss. Wishing that the words coming out of my mouth were not real. 1.2 seconds. I hope the boys don't beat themselves up for too long. They had an amazing season and when I shove the depressing ending of this final game out of my mind, I just feel proud. Football is pretty fun when it's people you care about.

Shout out to Bryce...
I could tell he wished he had been on the field every minute of the game, the way he paced the sidelines. He seems to be the only one on the team who can't just stand there and watch. It was fun watching you play.

To the whole team: Congratulations on a season to be proud of.

Seasons are changing....

I feel like the dead part of fall came pretty suddenly this year. We were rewarded with some really great warm weather, but I think for the most part it's gone for good. I very much appreciate each season as it comes, however. Seeing everything die back and take a rest seems wholly fitting to me. After all, don't we all need to wind down now and then?

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