Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just a teaser.

So Sid had Prom last Saturday. So excited, she was......she found a dress to rent that she loved. We only had to spend six hours making it wearable. Still, better than spending $350 dollars on a new one ;). After a trial-run on her hair the week before, we managed a mighty fine finished product. Images wanted $40 for an up-do. As if! I'd say we did just fine without their help!! She looked absolutely beautiful and had a ton of fun! Her date looked dapper in his tails, (he'll probably want to shoot me when he finds out I called him dapper.....) and got to take a few photos before they left on their big night. By 6:00 I was super-pooped, (as opposed to the regular-pooped that I normally am) and really couldn't pull out fabulous shots, but there were a few that I liked well enough.....you will have to tune in soon for the mega-awesome shots taken the day after by Tonja, but here is what I came up with:

My favorite.
I just love the subject matter, of course, and the glowy-ness of it! (yeah...check the hair!!)

Ha ha! Bridger's cute smile...(seriously, Bridger, smile MORE!!!)

Nice shot of Sid's dress.
And the elm branches all over my lawn. And the Napoleon Dynamite
tether-ball pole....

Looks kinda happy, don't ya think? Oh, and super beautiful, as per usual!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Taco Town


I watched this a couple of weeks ago and have been laughing to myself ever since!

Hahaha!! Guacamolito!!!

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