Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Work in Progress

O.K. If you know me at all, you know that I loves me a good home improvement project. It doesn't even have to be mine. I especially get excited if I see DEMOLITION!!!! I love before and after pictures. I love the smell of Home Depot and drywall mud. I love watching a semi loaded with trusses headed up the road; I often have the urge to chase it like it were an ambulance to see where it stops! Now, I'm not saying that LIVING with remodeling is a load of fun, in fact, more often than not, it SUCKS!!! But, other than that, I dream of changing almost every part of my home. And I LIKE my home. If you could see into my brain and get an idea of the "dream" version of my house, you'd probably give me a look something like Jason does when I start "expressing" my ideas. Like I just asked for the Hope Diamond or something!! So I try to give it to him in little pieces. Or better yet, wait for it to be his idea! I have occasionally thought of starting a project myself and looking totally inept on purpose, so he'll finish it, but I haven't dared. I'll maybe save that for when things get drastic.

Anyway, it's been awhile since we tackled a project around the house. My husband is great at building and remodeling. I can't think of a type of project he hasn't taken on, except maybe masonry. So far in our house, we've knocked down walls, ripped up & replaced floors, moved cabinets, added heating and cooling, repainted & replaced several doors. So now what? Well, we got this idea. It's kind of crazy, but we think it will work. It's going to add something totally different to the plan of our home. So we have a preview video to show everyone, to see what you think, although, we are going to go ahead with it regardless, so click away.....

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