Saturday, November 28, 2009

All About the Food

Thanksgiving means a lot of things. Family, gratitude, football, autumn, dog show, & food. I could go on about all the things I'm grateful for, but I suspect that my list would be almost identical to yours. I could brag about how I called all three NFL games, including the Denver/New York game, and how people in my house really should listen to my intuition when they make their Pigskin Pick 'em picks. Autumn kind of came early and left already. So let's get on to the FOOD!!!

I'm always so interested in what everyone else is having for their Holiday/Family get-togethers. Let's face it, food is fascinating. I wish I could have been to all my friends dinners and pick off their plates. Except for the marshmallow sweet potatoes. I won't touch those. Weird stuff, those....

Here is a sample of what we had at my house:

I'm pretty sure I could live by bread least for a few days. I love these rolls. They are so heavenly, they should be in the dessert category. Aren't they pretty?

This pie was sick. And I mean that in the 'teenage vernacular of the day' sense---(I know, parents just embarrass themselves when they try to imitate their teens.....)

We will address this pie in more detail at a later date.

This is a naked banana cream pie. Don't worry, we'll take care of that! Although it is somewhat of a shame to cover up home made vanilla custard....

This is an integral ingredient. Used in no less than four dishes.

Putting the cream on the pie....I love pie.

Mmmm......I almost didn't want to cut into this!

Tried a new stuffing this year. Cornbread in origin. It was good, but somehow I just can't get my mom's stuffing out of my brain.

Jason made the potatoes, gravy (actually made by Jedd), more stuffing (at my request, in case my new version was yuk), and cranberry sauce. These are the dishes that I live for. The sides.

This is Caramel-Apple-Sweet potato-with streusel topping. Not a bad way to get the sweet potato experience. It's pretty dang good.

Lemon Truffle Pie. Something of an experiment. When I get it just right, I'll share the recipe!

Jason also roasted the turkey breast. Just the breast because really, none of us love turkey all that much. There is no way I could incorporate an entire turkey into my meals for a week. But it's so pretty! And it does make awesome gravy, and that's important!

And okay, I couldn't resist adding my most recent reason to be thankful....I'm not sure how I was able to get anything at all cooked when this cutie tried so hard to distract me with his adorable-ness.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I'd like a copy of all the recipes you used, please....


i'm erin. said...

Agghhhhh! Next year I'm coming over to your house for thanksgiving. That jello thing looks UNBELIEVABLE! it was art. did you eat it? I'm dying. You're food looks so good and now I feel as though I just ate dirt.

Ella said...

Oh what a cute baby!!! All that food looks amazing especially that jello, it looks good in what you put it in!!! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Ella said...

Oh what a cute baby!!! All that food looks amazing especially that jello, it looks good in what you put it in!!! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

JoMamma said...

Your food looks so good. I'll be crashing your house with Erin next year. We did not try anything fancy or new stuffing, potatoes, turkey, rolls, gravy, green bean casserole, corn, and of course four types of pie. I think I'm going to have some left over apple pie before I go to be. Yummy.

jen said...

Dear mam,
its jen. I miss you. I'm glad baby jackson is doing lovely. He is a babe. I want to come visit again. Please make sure Sidney behaves.

Peggy said...

Wow. Your Thanksgiving menu totally beat up my Thanksgiving menu. And now my tummy is rumbling and my taste buds are salivating. Thanks! I wasn't even hungry before I clicked on your blog!

You are planning on posting recipes for all that, right? Pretty please? (Seriously, I'm down on my knees, hands together, pleading right now.)

a little music said...

Of every dish you showed a pic of, Jackson looks the yummiest! LOL I need to come and visit so I can play with him, seriously. How could you possibly get any cooking done with that adorable baby around??? I would just want to look at him and play with him all the time!

Ok, and the food looked good too.

kellieanne said...

One word - Lemon. Gotta have it. Yum.

Unknown said...

Wow, that lemon pie look really yummy. Is that layered jello I see too?

Pamela said...

I am completely content just eating Thanksgiving side dishes!! Delish. Yours look beautiful and I am sure tasted even better. Especially that last photo he looks scrumptious.

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