Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jackson Banning Merryweather: The Beginning

Jackson--Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Scottish
Meaning: God has been gracious; has shown favor. Based on John or Jacques.

Banning--Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Gaelic
Meaning: Little blond one.

Merryweather--Alternate spelling of Merriweather
English: nickname for someone of a sunny disposition, from Middle English merry (see Merry) + wether ‘weather’ (Old English weder).

It was a dark and stormy night.....okay, it was dark. And I was having some killer contractions and wouldn't have noticed if it were stormy or not. About 10:30 we arrived at the hospital to discover that the killer contractions had been doing their job and I was good to go!

Together with my expert birthing coach, Jason, and his apprentice (and my personal photographer)--Sidney, we moved into a LDR room.

Yeah. Somewhere mid last week my great, big belly turned into an even greater, bigger belly. Never in all my big belly experiences have I ever had such a Great. Big. Belly. It was huge. I mean it. This proves it.

This would be the afore mentioned apprentice and photographer, (and don't forget--Sista #Uno)--Sidney.

Time marched on.

Contractions came and went. This was a big one. It actually peaked at 143. I hardly felt it. It was great.

This was when everything kicked into high gear. I was ready to go. Baby was ready to come. We were ready to meet!

This would be Dr. Merryweather. My personal baby-catching husband. Yes. He is now legit. After years of being the official cord-cutter, Claudia graduated him to the coveted position of baby-catcher. For real. She explained the procedure to him and let him do the job! Except for removing the cord that was wrapped twice around Jackson's neck, he was the official deliverer of his boy! It was pretty amazing! Love MTWC for that!

Props to Sid for the amazing, well edited shot of a seconds-old Jackson! That's Jason holding him!! Right after he 'caught' him!

Right up on mom's belly!

Amazing. Every. Single. Time. I could never get tired of this moment!

Sidney was able to keep the cord-cutting responsibility in the family. I totally love the PGHS stamp and the glitter-blue nail polish along side the surgical implements!

Checking all the vitals. Did I mention I LOVE AF Hospital? They have the best nurses over there!

Yeah Son!!!

Hey! It's my blog....I can post what ever I want!!

Already checking out the world around him!

How cute is this?

I love this. I loved that Sidney came.

So sweet!

Like I said: Nothing in the whole world like these precious moments!

Missed a spot! He was covered in vernix--again, love the blue polish!

I think he is pleased!

Jackson Banning and the hands that delivered him.

The End Part One


Davis Family said...

Tammy & Jason - How wonderful for you guys! Congratulations!! He's beautiful...well handsome! So thrilled for you and your family!! Heather

TaNisha said...

He is so darling!! Congrats!

Shauna said...

What a great intro to new baby Jackson! I LOVED LOVED LOVED that Sidney was able to be there for baby bro's welcome party.

Jackson is beautiful and what a good job, Mom! You didn't even break a sweat! I'm so impressed.


i'm erin. said...

OH Tammy, I love him. He's so squdgy and beautiful and the name Jackson is perfect. Beautiful. What great pictures. Especially the new newborn one. That is beautiful.

And I think you look lovely with your shoulders exposed.

Leslie said...

Tammy and Jason,
Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! I got all teared up just reading and seeing the pics. Jackson is a beautiful baby and I am so proud of Sid for being the best #1 sister ever, she will never forget that I am guessing. Oh, and way to go Doc Merryweather, very impressive.

Tammy, enjoy that sweet baby fuz on his ears for me!! Congratulations:)

Pamela said...

I have been waiting for this post. I've been checking back everyday since I heard...waiting. Congrats and what a great name!! Love the photos, I could have been standing right there in the room, those pics were so good. Steady hands. Enjoy him.

Haley Hale said...

He is so handsome (that is the only word Emma lets me use to describe baby boys)! I think it is awesome that Jason got to be the baby catcher. I also love, love, LOVE that Sidney was there-and so obviously happy to be there. You have such an awesome family. Baby Jackson is so blessed to be a part of it! I love you and miss you lots!

Kristine said...

This was so sweet!

JoMamma said...

Congratulations. He is such a beautiful baby. That is a great name.

Carterista said...

Thank you for posting the play-by-play (minus the stuff I didn't want to see) and all these great pictures!
What a marvelous experience for Sid. And yes, your belly was tremendous. And yes, the "seconds old" picture is incredible. I just had to zoom in. Absolutely amazing!!
I love Jackson Banner...and his col name. I wonder if he will grow up to be "Hulky." Seeing Jason, how could he not???

larifunk said...

Thanks for sharing! Congratulations on your sweet baby.

Wendy said...

Love it! It's such a freakin miracle everytime - congrats to your family.

The Woff Pack said...

What a sweet post. I am so excited for your cute family. He is so sweet. What a little chunk too. No wonder you were feeling like there was no room. Enjoy! I hope everyone gets better soon at your house too.

Luke said...

Congratulations to you all!

Ella said...

Again You know how to make me cry!!! Love the pics. So cool that Sidney got to be there, and way cool Jason got to play Doctor. Course we all know you have played "Doctor" before.;) I'm so very happy for you, and i love the exposed shoulder pic too, good for you, post what you want. Love ya ella

kimpg3 said...

Congratulations Tammy! What a beautiful baby boy!

Peggy said...

Wow. So many things went through my mind as I read your post!

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so very happy for you!! This was such a sweet post. I love all the emotion in it.

-Holy cow, that is one cute baby!

-I love that you included the name meanings. How perfect of a name can you get?

-Awesome belly shot!

-I love that Sidney went. I love that she enjoyed being a part of it so much. I love that she got to cut the cord. I love that she's so un-squeemish! And talk about instant sibling bonding!

-I love the randomness of the pics. I would have never thought to get pics of things like the clock.

-I love the baby slime picture. And how greyish he looks.

-I love the new baby yell.

-I love that Jason got to be the first one to touch him! He looks like one proud papa.

-I love the baby slime-less picture. And how pinkish he looks!

-And I love that you love it all so much. I wish I could have seen how it is for you before I had my last kid. Maybe I would have appreciated it a bit more. Maybe.

Peggy said...

P.S. While reading this post, I saw a "side" of you I've never seen before. Hahahaha!

Carolyn said...

Oh Tammy, he is just perfect! Congratulations to you and Jason and your cute little family...we love you! I just loved every inch of this post! So captured everything so perfectly! Wow, what a magical day!

a little music said...

I just don't know if you can appreciate how absolutely much I adore you. How can I possibly love you more now than I did when we were 13? But I do!

This is the most amazing thing any blog ever shared, and I am so touched that you would post it all here. You are so incredible. You make me cry.

What a beautiful experience. How lovely your sweet daughter is, to be able to come and share in Jackson's big day. I just can't imagine how proud you must be, to have your oldest child there to help with your youngest child's birth. That is the neatest thing ever. How very Jane Austenish of you! You make me weep!

Jason is so cute, holding his tiny baby so carefully. Is there a better moment for a man in his whole life? Or for you?

I'm just so happy for you all, I'm so thrilled, really.

And that belly should seriously go into some record book! Woo hoo!

Congrats and a million hugs to all of you.

kellieanne said...

This is a great post, Tammy. When I think about all the experience Sid got I think, WOW! She is one special girl and because she is who she is, she gets experiences most don't at her age.

I totally love the blue nail polish.

Jackson is a chunk. I love it!

I think the last time I saw your bare shoulder was on a beach in Hawaii . . .

Ashley said...

Congrats Tammy! He is beautiful. I am so excited for you! 7 kids! Way to go. And I love the nurses at AF too. My good friend is a nurse there and she loves it. I also had a great experience when I delivered there.

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