Friday, July 03, 2009

Food Photo Friday--Legit Lemonade

Here's the sad thing:

Citrus is in season during the winter. I have never been tempted to make lemonade in the winter. Why would I? Lemonade is the epitome of summer beverages. Cool, refreshing, tart yet sweet...hello!! It's bright, like the sun! Here comes the sad part....lemons are not exactly cheap in the months that don't end in 'cember'. But you can't not make & drink 'legit' lemonade at least once a year! So I suggest you bite the bullet and keep your eye out for at least 3 for a dollar lemons, or just go to Costco and get a bag for heck's sake! C'mon!! You know you are worth it!!

Legit Lemonade

1 large lemon, sliced thin
1 1/2 cups sugar
7 cups cold water
12 large lemons--enough for 2 cups of lemon juice ( I had a dumb-attack and used 3 cups instead of 2 and it was quite delicious--I had heart-burn for half a day, but it was worth it!)

Ice (for serving)

First you need to make a "muddle" of the sugar and the sliced lemon.

To do this, put the sugar in a large, heavy bowl. Add the sliced lemon and using a potato masher, crush it all together until the juices begin to release and the sugar starts to dissolve:

This will add a more intense lemon flavor from the oils in the lemon peel saturating the sugar.

Next, add the lemon juice and water and stir until sugar is dissolved. Strain and serve over ice.

** For strawberry lemonade, throw in a few strawberries with the sliced lemon and sugar. **


JoMamma said...

Lemondade never looked prettier. Yummy

Peggy said...

Oh, my gosh-- that looks so tasty!

Carterista said...

Squeeze and freeze in mason jars during the winter months. Then you need only buy a few fresh lemons for the muddle during the summer.

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