Monday, July 27, 2009

Backyard Rising......

The garage was a project whos time had come. Things just aligned to make it an easier decision to make. The prices of construction materials came down quite a bit from when we last contemplated the building. Our next door neighbors still had an un-landscaped yard and were willing to let us use their front yard as a driveway for large equipment. We hadn't put in the west side fence yet, but were planning to do so soon, so we knew we needed to get the garage done while we still could without cutting down large trees to provide room for all the big equipment. So here is a photo-journal of the progress so far.....

The above space represents the hole in our savings after we paid the almost *****$800.00 freaking dollars!!!****** for the building permit!!!!!! Even if I could have taken a picture I would have been too depressed to do me this was like paying $800.00 for a piece of paper that let the city have control of everything we do. Don't get me started.....

Front and side view of space that will soon be transformed. Seeing these pictures now make me a little ill.....

The formed up hole was relatively unassuming...

Jason and Spencer getting ready for the pour.

One of four trucks bringing 35 yards of cement to out little dig.

The boys doing a masterful job of finishing the cement.

Jason can push a mean bull float....thanks to some expert Merryweathers, the cement turned out beautifully.

First wall being built.

Cameron & Nicholas lived outside for two days. They had a blast!

Catching some air.

Connor loves, loves, loves his Grandpa.

Starting to lift the first wall.

Almost up.

My dextrous child.

Looking good!

Second wall. VERY heavy!

Not what you want to see.......

Fixing the problem!

Third wall going up.

All four walls!! A busy, productive days work for about 6 men!

Day two: Starting on the trusses.

At this point I realized that we were blocking our last remaining view of Timp from anywhere in our backyard.......

Lifting it up onto the frame.

Getting the forklift into the garage to finish the lift was a very tight squeeze.

Jason knew what he was doing when he made the door the size he did!


Most of the trusses in.

Half of the sheathing on the roof.

And just like magic......(not really....)

A fully formed garage!


Kristine said...

Dang! I'm going to have to stop by!

Ella said...

Wow! that is a monster garage! A bit bigger than the last house. Does this mean you are going to have a place to park your car inside? I'm jealous!

Leslie said...

Paul and I are taking bets to see how long it takes to have that monster garage "filled"!!! lol. It is going to be awesome!! Jason is a master builder man:)

i'm erin. said...

NO freaking way! I need to come over more often. I don't say this very often...if at all, but DANG Jason is the Man!

um...could you please not tell him I said that. I will have to deny it and claim someone took over my blogger account to post such a crazy comment.

Carterista said...

Huge accomplishment. Way to go Merryweathers!

Peggy said...

So exciting to see it going up like that! I love construction. Those Merryweathers are a pretty talented bunch. I'm excited that you will have so much storage! You get to use some of it, right?

And just think. If you have a kid that is predisposed to running away from home (and lets face it: with 7, your chances are pretty good), they won't have to go far. You could just keep a cot out there!

In fact, when it's finished but not yet filled, you guys should go on a little camping trip out there! How cool would that be? Sound's fun. So much so, that I'd love to do that! So don't be entirely surprised to find a faint light showing through the window late at night sometime in the near future...

a little music said...

That's not a garage, that's a space station!!!

Jason ROCKS!!!

He is a true Renaissance man - cooking and building. Now does he play football and waltz as well?

JoMamma said...

Very exciting!!

Unknown said...

i freaking miss you. and your family. I want to come and play.

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