Friday, August 15, 2008

Birthday boy & a brainless blunder......

Today is Jason's birthday. I forgot. Until about 3:30 this afternoon when my niece, Angela (refer to previous post to see picture of Angela) called to wish him a happy birthday. I didn't really FORGET, forget. On some level I knew his birthday was soon, I just sort of forgot it was Friday today. My brain is full of holes. Not like swiss cheese, more like havarti....little holes. Little holes that forget big things.

In said realization of birthday, we (kids & I) decided to greet Jason when he got home with all the things he loves: "Happy Birthday Dad! Come sit on the couch! We changed the channel from Baby Einstein to the Olympics. Here's a cold Full Throttle. We got you a copy of the Thrifty Nickel to peruse, and here is a crown for you to wear! Do you like your balloons? Let me get you a pillow and you can lay down for a bit. We turned off all the lights and turned up the thermostat! The kids drew you some happy birthday pictures, aren't they cute? Let me rub your feet after your long day of work! We made you a cake!"

In the short amount of time from realization to Jason's return home, I thought I'd make a cake. It was a yummy, from scratch, chocolate cake with the coconut frosting that you put under the broiler to make it all caramely.MMMmm.......see?

So I pulled it out from under the broiler and set it on the counter top to cool. We put the finishing touches on our welcome home and waited for Jason to appear. He had called from work as he left, so I figured we had plenty of time. I had bought enough candles to signify each and every year Jason is celebrating. 38 is a lot of candles for a cake. I giggled in anticipation as I packed in the proliferation of potential pyrotechnics. I walked away for a few minutes only to return to this:

Notice anything odd?

Look again.....see how the candles are tilting at funny angles?

**insert unladylike expletive here**

Yes. That is exactly what I did.I melted half of thirty-eight candles into Jason's almost-wasn't birthday cake. It's not funny. Wait...... Yes. Yes it is funny. It just took me a minute or so to realize it.

See, Jason doesn't really care about the trappings of a birthday. He has always humored me in the past when I planned a Martha-Stewart level production, but really, those were for me. But it IS important to him that it's remembered. I could tell he was a little sad at my first, yes FIRST forgetful birthday experience in 23 1/2 years of our history together.

So, Jason. I apologize X 38 for ALMOST totally forgetting your birthday today. Thanks for letting us shower you with our absurd attempts at adoration. Thanks for saying the cake was beautiful and suggesting that we could carve out the wax from around the candles and still eat it. Thanks for only caring a little that your wife is slowly going sack of hammers. Thanks for letting me take this silly picture of you.
And thanks most of all for being the best husband and father I know. I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Peggy Eddleman said...

Tammy- I'm laughing OUT LOUD because

a) That was dang funny! You have such a way with storytelling!

b) Because Lance celebrated his 38th just four days before Jason. I forgot about the cake until dinner was ready. Right after dinner, I went to work making him Chocolate Zucchini cake. We ate it right before putting the kids to bed, and my candles did the exact same thing!

The forgetfulness must be a turning 38 thing. I'm making a mental note right now to forgive Lance in advance for blowing off my 38th.

i'm erin. said...

jason merryweather...happy birthday! I would leave a dispariging comment about your girly crown looking oh so appropriately on your (ever-increasing in age) mug, but I don't want to over shadow your birthday. Happy birthday pretty boy...hahahahaha

Leslie said...

Hey Tammy,
No one throws an inprompto birthday bash like you.
Tell the man of the hour that Paul and I wish him the best 38th year ever! And, hey, a little wax never hurt nobody.
Happy Birthday Jason

kellieanne said...

COME ON ERIN! Jason looks hot in a crown and you know it!

Happy Birthday Jason! You know you're one of my favs in the world of men.

Pandas said...

Happy Birthday Jason! He is so lucky to have a wife that go to such length for his birthday. I am trying very hard to make this year the first time I actually remember my husband's b-day.

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