Saturday, October 30, 2010


Next to the Fourth of July, Halloween is my favorite holiday. As a kid, I dreamed about costumes and candy, parties and pranks. My mom had some fabulous costumes made for me in my young years. Someday I'll hunt for pics and post.

I love spooky as long as it's all in fun. Not a huge slash and horror fan, but vampires and demons and such are totally my fantasy genre.

I used to make the most elaborate costumes for the two oldest kids. Crazy sewing pieces of art with yards and yards of fabric.......

Well, now I'm a lot more busy, and a lot less crazy. In that sense only, I mean. I'm still all sorts of other kinds of crazy......

Here is this year's costume cuteness:

Anything Pooh Bear is always adorable. Tigger is a particular fave.

The elephant costume. Fun and functional!

Any super hero at all works for the boys.

The first time Nick wore this costume, he was three. It's starting to get a little short on him.....

Zombie is the new vampire, you know. Trust me, they're gonna be big! People are going to start featuring them as the love interest in all the books and movies.

Spencer likes going for the understated, obscure characters.

And my personal favorite costume this year: I chose to go as one of the most awesome, super-hero, amazing people I know.......

Peggy Eddleman!!!!!

Hope your Halloween was Spooktacularistic!!!


Ella said...

What cute costumes! You all look fabulous!!! I wish I look like you after 7 kids, wow HOT mama!!!

Peggy said...

I agree--- Zombies ARE the new vampires. My friday school costume was a zombie. I have to say, though, that I had WAY more fun on Saturday being you!

kellieanne said...

Awwwe MAN! I wanted to go as Peggy Eddleman! Maybe next year.

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