Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Spencer's Eagle Project

Hello, my name is Spencer Merryweather. I am working on becoming an Eagle Scout. For my Eagle Scout project, I am holding a Hygiene Item Drive and will be donating items for the people in need that come to the Food and Care Coalition in Provo.

Any of the following items would be appreciated.

**Disposable Razors
**Feminine Hygiene products
*Shampoo, Full size
*Conditioner, Full size
*Lotion, Full size
Shave cream, regular & travel sizes
Hair spray/gel
Toothbrushes, children’s & adults
Toothpaste: full & travel sizes
Dental Floss
Anti-bacterial ointment
Pocket Kleenex
Adult Medicines - pain reliever and stomach remedies
Lip Balm
Denture Adhesive
Fingernail clippers
Foot powder

(Asterisks symbolize items of most need. The more asterisks, the greater the need.)

**Cash donations also accepted**

Thank you very much for your donation.


Peggy said...

Awesome Eagle project! I hope everything goes great.

Kristine said...

Yeah! Way good one. I'll help! When do you need it by?

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