Tuesday, January 13, 2009

four squared

At first I didn't even understand the tag.  I think I read it too fast.  So Sidney explained that you look in your fourth picture file and take your fourth picture and post about it.  Well, on my PC 

I don't even have four picture files, and my mac doesn't exactly store pictures in that way, or at least  I'm not organized enough to store them that way!  So I modified my criteria:  I entered a search for any picture labeled with a 44, and then counted to the 44th photo in that batch.  This is what I got:

Holy Sweet Snuggle Bunny!  It's a good thing (i guess...) that I don't sit down and look at past pictures more often or I'd get even less done than I do now!  I just want to climb into my computer screen, bury my nose into his neck and take a huge sniff!  And then nibble the fuzz on his earlobes! 

Okay, so I need to tag some people.  BTW, I'm cutting the number down to four.  My pool of blogger friends has been previously pilfered.  

1. Peggy
2. Erin
3. Luke  (Dang it!!  I just checked Megan's blog and she already had you on her tag list!!)
4. Cecilia
5. Amber W. 


6. and Wendy V.

Rule is: If you get tagged you ABSOLUTELY HAVE to respond!  Or you will have seven years of bad luck!   **Totally kidding here**   This is actually the one and only tag I have ever participated in.   I  have always said "pfftt! yeah RIGHT!" and walked on.  I give you full absolution if you decide to disregard this tag.  I would never expect anyone to follow through on such a thing.  Unless they wanted to.  Then I would love to see what you have!  


kellieanne said...

THAT is a gorgeous picture! Just one more idea to keep me from accomplishing ANYTHING AT ALL besides sitting at my computer! I love babies!

Carterista said...

I'm with you Tammy. Not a big taker on tags. But this one sounds easy enough. No deeper thinking-type questions. I'm on it!!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Awww! What an incredibly sweet pic! That is a testament to how good of a photographer you are if a random picture is THAT good!

I accept your tag. Not lookin for 7 years of bad luck! (hehe) It just isn't going to happen today....

i'm erin. said...

ok, I am on it...although I think most of my pictures were totally deleted...I will see what I come up with tomorrow. I love your snuggle buggle by the way and your dentist.

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