Monday, October 13, 2008

My Favorite Things

I love ice cream. So much that sometimes it hurts. (Like when I over-indulge on Cold Stone Creamery products--try their sweet cream mixed with fresh raspberries and brownie'll die of happiness.)

Ice cream would be on my top ten lists of favorite foods if I had one. I once went a year without ice cream when we were pregnant, poor and deprived of any extra fun. I will never do that again. Heaven forbid I should ever become lactose intolerant as I would have to either remove 6 of my top ten foods from my top ten list or live with the consequences of not doing so.

Actually, I'm going to revise my earlier "I love ice cream" statement and replace it with: I love GOOD ice cream. I will no longer be eating crappy ice cream. It just isn't worth my time or the sacrifice of calories. Used to be if I were at a Young Women's activity, or a pack meeting, or some other party where I understand a budget must be adhered to, I'd eat the ice cream to be polite, or just because it was there. No longer. If I come to your house or party and you have less than premium ice cream, it's OK. There's nothing wrong with Meadow Gold. I have some in my freezer right now. For the kids. Just realize that I will be saying "no thank you". From now on, I am committing my ice cream calorie allotment to premium-only. That being said, I will now endorse a personal favorite product:These ice cream bars are straight from Heaven above. Don't let either the pomegranate or the dark chocolate scare you. Dark chocolate is just better, that's all. And the pomegranate ice cream is the perfect tart-sweet balance for the chocolate. The fact that it says something like this right on the box just means that I know what I'm talking about. I didn't plagiarize. ( I did, however, look up how to spell "plagiarize" in the dictionary...)
So just ignore, no, EMBRACE the fact that Haggen Dazs bars have 280 calories a piece, and that each one contains 18 grams of fat. Just be pickier about how you spend your ice cram calories and run to your nearest Macey's grocery store (they don't sell 'em at the Wal Marts) and prepare to plop down approx. $4.00 on a box of three. I say they are a culinary bargain.


Kimmie said...

OOOO!!! Cold stone is the best and that is so funny, I have two fave's..
Sweet cream/Raspberries/brownies and Mint with mini gummy bears.
This new temptation? I must try!!!

kellieanne said...

Speaking from someone who in her "older" aged body is having issues with milk products, I am sold. I WILL be purchasing me a box of these luscious ice cream bars. I will indulge in such a culinary deligh to test the tart/chocolate ratio and see if there is ice cream out there I can partake of without the yuck feeling after. Thanks for the heads up!

meg. said...

OH my lands.
I would like you to know Tammy, I am stalking your blog.
Your writing is inspirational, especially your premium ice cream articles.
I am soon expecting a post about your other favorite thing: Crayons, and they aroma crayons bring.

tammy said...

meg--it's a work in progress.....

Sidney said...

I would like to let the whole world know. Thank you Haagan Dazs for only putting 4 stinking ice cream bars in box, therefore making it completely impossible for someone ( such as myself ) to steal one in the middle of the night without their mother having knowledge of the crime.

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