Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Fourth=Food, flags, family, friends, flowers, floats, fireworks, firefly, & fun

The Fourth of July is officially my absolute favorite holiday of the year!!! I can think of nothing negative to associate with it.....unlike some commercially overdone celebrations.
We usually follow a set pattern of events. Parade, party, & fireworks. This year we added balloon launch to the list. I think it will stay on the list. There's just something about hot-air balloons, despite the 5:15 wake up call. I still can't believe we actually made it on time!
Our firework show was altered a little due to construction, so we just decided to forego the traffic and put on our own show! Here are some of my favorite photos. (I ask you to consider the fact that I'm trying like heck to learn a new camera without relying on the "sissy-settings". I thought it would be best to just dive right in....)

Watching the balloons inflate & lift off

I love this picture.....and not just because this balloon was made by the Firefly Balloon company as is stated on the label.....(hey, I plug my Firefly whenever and wherever I can....I'm a true Flan!)

Parade pics....

Okay...none of those were actually pictures of the parade, but we were AT the parade!

Alright, alright! Here's a float.
Shelby's pictures of the floats turned out MUCH better than mine. However, they are not loaded onto my computer yet.....

A less than great picture of the flag cake. Geez! Give a girl a break! My camera setting was wrong and I was late to Kellie's house so I'm stuck with the only pic that turned out half-decent. I'm obviously a beginner. At photography. Not baking. Clearly I can make a beyond awesome flag cake! (Thank you Pioneer Woman!)

Okay. We finally made it to Kellie's house for our Annual (whenever they aren't in Pennsylvania) Fourth of July Bash!

Red, white & blue theme in this pic...

Wicked flames from the grill-master.

DO NOT lean too close to your screen to admire the pretty colors. Doing so might result in a spit-soaked screen.....from all the drooling....thanks to Kimmie for the recipe!

The licking contest...I think Shelby lost.

Can you say "Kellie's gorgeous garden" 10 times fast?

How about "Excellent Echinacea" (that's harder...)

I don't know what this pretty flower is, but it's kinda hard to get bugs in flight, so enjoy! (just kidding....it's lavender!)

Cameron, after his affair with the chocolate fruit dip....

An appropriate reaction to the exciting fireworks!

Well, after that, all my pictures were crap because the light went away, so that's all folks! Let's meet again next year when hopefully, I can provide a truly excellent firework picture like this one:
(thanks again, Pioneer Woman!)


Peggy Eddleman said...

Tammy, you are so funny! Looks like your fourth was the best! WAY better than mine (mine mostly involved cutting and lifting branches-- although the fourth is usually a fave of mine, too). I love your pictures!! Of course, your pictures were great even before you got the high-tech, billion setting, need a BOOK to understand, camera.

And congrats for getting 8 people there on time for the balloons! You should get some kind of award for that.

And what is a licking contest?

Peggy Eddleman said...
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Shauna said...

"And a fun time was had by all." Glad to see so many friends having such a good time for the holiday. And I agree on the 'Thanks to PW'. She's great.
:) Shauna

Ashley said...

I don't understand what part of the flag cake picture was bad. I thought it was a great picture! I really do love all the pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

kellieanne said...

Tammy - need copy of pictures, K? You totally rock when it comes to picture taking. I just take pictures. You take the picture in, internalize it, give it a color lift, emotion and pizazz! I love it!

Thanks for being part of the best holiday of the year. The next time we go to PA for the 4th of July you guys should come. You know Carps Mom would love it.

Oh yeah, I think Sammy started the licking contest. She's been doing that a lot lately. Sorry Shelby.

Carterista said...

What's wrong with "sissy-settings?" In fact, I resent the fact that you call them such a degrading name. I'm not a sissy at all!!!

tammy said...

Um...Cecilia, I think every time I've ever heard your mom call your name, it sounded a whole lot like she calles you "sissy". So I guess you really are a "sissy" hahahaha!!!

tj said...

Hey! I was at the balloon launch, too! It was a great place to take photos! I love your pictures. Good job! MY favorite are the ones with the great depth of field; Cameron, the flowers, the girls and wow! way to catch a bumble bee! How was the photo shoot with Erin, the other night? She said you are doing great with the new Nikon (don't you just love saying Nikon?) and by the looks of it, I will have to agree!

Kimmie said...

Man those pictures were awesome! You have a talent!
We to ventured off to the Balloon Fest July 3rd, for the first time ever... We loved it and it will be a new family tradition! Who knew what was lurking around the corner (Provo) glad we decided to jump in!

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