Tuesday, December 08, 2009

getting the hang of the vernacular

Conversation between Nicholas and Sidney this morning:

Nick, after putting on his newly acquired red snow boots:

"Sidney, look! (indicating boots) "These are so gross!"

Sidney, looking at his boots and trying to decide in what way the boots are gross:

"Don't you mean 'sick'?"

Nick, thinking a little bit about his verbal blooper:

"Yeah! Sick! These boots are sick!"

Atta boy.....


Drew and Kristine said...

Ha! That is awesome! Cute pic too!

Peggy said...

Haha! You can tell he has siblings that are teenagers!

Tell him that I think he has pretty sick boots, too.

And tell Sidney that she has mad translating skills.

ninja said...

Yaah, I was thinking the same thing that Sidney has mad translating skills!

Carterista said...

I work with elementary kids. I've yet to her "sick," but I'm sure it will trickle down. What I'm not sure about is if it'll ever sound right to me...

a little music said...


That one made me laugh as I'm sitting at the computer. Thanks for sharing it. It made my day better.

You're the greatest.

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