Monday, May 12, 2008

Year of the Yard update

Remember that newly-weeded flower bed from my last post? I have got to say that not many things make me as giddy as watching things grow, so imagine what the last three weeks have been like for me watching this:


Not bad......A few green things besides weeds have popped out of the ground.


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!

See? See the pretties?? More bulbs, must have more bulbs!!!

Those orange tulips there make me want to do crazy things......

Can you blame me??


EärwenElórë said...

oh how could I, tulips are gorgeous n_n

EärwenElórë said...

This is me again, thanks for stopping by and arrived twice soo i erased one and...sniff sniff it erased both..bububu jeje anyway IM very very thankul, made my day :D

Leslie said...

You have always gotten giddy from watching your yard come to life! You deserve it, you work hard to make it happen. ENJOY~!

Peggy said...

Your yard is so pretty! It makes me want to use your pictures as my wallpaper! I always love looking at what you do with your yard.

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