Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Loved Her First

She's 18 today.

I think she's amazing.
And fun.
And smart.
And beautiful.
And kind.
And hilarious.
And amazing...

And I'm 94% ok that she's 18.
'Cause watching her grow up has been so fulfilling.

I'm 3% okay that she's on the verge of leaving and being on her own.
'Cause it's the next step in her Great Adventure.

I'm 0% ok that last night I dreamed that she got engaged on her 18th birthday.
'Cause........ well, just 'cause!

I'm 2% ok that she's such an independent girl.
It's a love-hate thing for me.....(mostly love it though!)

I'm 1% ok with all the best songs about little girls are from a daddy's point of view, but just pretend that this one is being sung by mama.

100% of me would go back to the very first second and do it all over again!

Happy birthday Sid. I love you.


Ella said...

You always have the most beautiful things to say!!! Happy Birthday Miss Sid!!!

Peggy said...

Aww! I love Sid, too. She is an amazing girl. I have always admired her. And, you know... wished I had been a lot more like her when I was her age!

Shauna said...

*waving hands in front of eyes* Happy Birthday, Sid!! *sniff*

Leslie said...

Holy Cow they grow so fast!!! Happy Birthday to Sid and Congratulations on being a great mother!! Sidney is amazing in large part because of YOU :) Miss you guys and love ya both.

i'm erin. said...

How this makes me sad and cry. I remember when little sid was my babysitter 7 years ago! It goes so fast.

a little music said...

See! This is just another reason I love you so much. Stop making me cry, and give me that pomegranate pie recipe! <3

Kristiner said...

Oh! I love Sid. I love the relationship you two have. So sweet!

Luke said...

So you wouldn't be happy if I proposed to Sidney today?

Ashley said...

That is so sweet! She seems like such a great daughter. Happy birthday!

Jenna said...

Wow, your daughter is so beautiful!
My Mom sang a song at my wedding about little girls and boys from the persepctive of the Mom. It makes me cry just to think about it. It talks about the little girl playing dress up in her mama's clothes, and then the chorus goes "'Cause somewhere in the course of His plan, my little girl will need a godly man, so hold on to Jesus baby, wherever you are . . . " The next chorus is for the little boy: "'Cause somehwere in the course of his life, my little boy will need a godly wife . . . " Oh man, I'm crying right now!!

Jenna at

Jameson said...

i love sid. she's great.

JoMamma said...

NO WAY YOU HAVE AN 18-YEAR-OLD! You are much to young for that. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

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