Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Spencer

I'd like your interpretation of this masterpiece in 15 words or less:**

**Spencer promises $5 to anyone who uses the magic phrase in their response.


Peggy said...

Hahahaha! LOVE the picture. Okay. That wasn't part of my 15 words. Here goes my newspaper headline for the pic:

"Monkey awoke to forehead scar, no top, and money. Voldemort, Hefner, and Robin Hood suspected."

Peggy said...

Lance's interpretation:

"Wow. What a night!"

Kristiner said...

"I found a load of money in this monkey suit rental!"

a little music said...

Leah's submission: Harry monkey with money.

Me? I'm going to say . . . um, well . . . this is tough! Ok, I'll try: Harry monkey coming from Gringotts?

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