Tuesday, April 06, 2010

87 dollars later......

Our family just got back from seeing 'How to Train Your Dragon' in 3D. Since Spring Break Vacations for Nine are reserved for wealthy or crazy people, we decided that a family movie would be our treat for the week.

Taking out whole family to see a movie is a rare thing. We first have to consider whether it will be a movie that will entertain each person who goes. I wouldn't expect Connor (2) to enjoy say, 'The Blind Side', or 'Clash of the Titans'. And I wouldn't subject Jason and my older kids to "Space Buddies', or 'Curious George'. So you can imagine that even finding a movie is a difficult thing.

I ponder the reason why we are going to the theater in the first place. We generally wait until a movie comes out on DVD because the convenience and cost can't be beat! Everyone has quick access to a bathroom, and we can pause the movie if we need to. Or watch it 27 times for the same price as once--(or free!--Princess and the Frog...thanks Kellie!)

Next, the time of day must be considered. Of course a matinee is preferred, but sometimes not available. Can't go too late, either. Young kids, you know....I typically don't even consider a movie if we have an infant to accommodate. I enjoy actually seeing the movie myself, and have spent several bouncing a fussy one in the doorway or hall so as not to disturb other movie-goers, thus defeating my attendance.

So after taking all these issues into consideration, we choose to take everyone, including Jackson, to a 3D, evening showing of 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

FYI--It costs $73 dollars to buy tickets to a 3D movie for 7 people. Jackson and Connor were free as long as they were not occupying a seat. Shelby and under were child pricing, and each ticket was $1 more for reserving our seats online--WELL worth it, I say, since there is no reason at all to get there early. $14 for assorted goodies (at Macey's, of course!) and we were set!

Long story short--The theater wasn't full so no one had to sit on a lap. Jackson slept through 93% of the movie, Connor was riveted (and kept his glasses on for 83% of the movie). No one asked to use the bathroom, and EVERYONE thought the movie was excellent! I loved every minute of 'How to Train Your Dragon' and 100% recommend seeing it in 3D. Thanksgiving Point Theaters are further away, it's true, but when you factor in the reserving of seats, the extra time it takes to get there is totally worth it in time saved standing in line. We go there for all our midnight release movies just for that reason!

Do yourselves a favor and don't wait for this one on DVD. The big screen enhanced the 3D effects. I give this movie 3 1/2 stars!


I'm Erin said...

Wow that was an expensive movie. We just went down to the PG theater and saw it, but it still cost me $30. I liked it, but I don't know if I liked it thirty dollars worth.

Peggy said...

I totally agree! We took our family to see it yesterday, too. On the way home, each kid said they wanted to go right back and watch it again. Lance and I loved it, too! (And I only slept through 9% of the movie. Something about having the lights off...) Total crowd pleaser all around.

JoMamma said...

I complain about the cost of movies and I only have a family of four. I've heard that this was a great movie. I will have to get out and see it.

Ella said...

I loved this movie!!! Wow 87 bucks you could have bought at least four movie! But its all about the experience!

Carterista said...

As long as it is worth it!! My family rarely went to the theater for the same reason + PR is more expensive. Glad you had a great time.

Shauna said...

We saw it on our rainy day during Spring break and we loved it too! I agree it was worth it for the 3D too. I giggled my way through everytime I thought of these Scottish-accented Vikings! Go Vikings! Hee hee.

So glad you all loved it--for the cost and trouble!

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