Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This one only took eight years or so.....

Hey Wendy.....remember that one Shop Hop when Kellie & I ran into You & Kathy at Thimbles and Threads? You and I were checking out the back room and we came across this amazing quilt class taught by Peggy Waltman. It was for this crazy Whimsical Star wall hanging and I remember looking at that with you and saying how bad I wanted to take that class but I couldn't imagine ever finishing such a project. It had all this applique and even then I had a pretty good handle on my proclivity for procrastination and putting away of unfinished projects. I figured, realistically, that having three little kids and all the busy that brings would totally preclude me from EVER finishing such a project!! You turned to me and said "I absolutely think you would finish that quilt. You should take that class!" I'm not sure why you said such a thing, I'm not even sure you really believed what you were saying, but apparently it was all I needed to hear 'cause I signed right up!

I remember the class and how much I loved learning from Peggy Waltman. She has all these crazy techniques and imaginative ideas and I had a blast! I remember that she said that circles in nature were never perfect, so why did our applique circles have to be? BAM!! This was a revelation to me! All of a sudden, I had PERMISSION to NOT BE PERFECT!! From an EXPERT!! I have since applied this life lesson to many areas of my day to day existence--one of the epiphanies I hold most dear!!

Well Wendy, you were right. I did finish that quilt and it's hanging on my wall right now! I actually got pretty far pretty fast. Then the applique held me up for a while, and then the quilting was another hold up. But DANG! I actually finished it! And thanks to Ella, won $50.00 off it in a quilt show which made up for the price of the class and pattern, so YE-HA!!

You are my quilt class taking muse, Wendy. The quilt class Whisperer! And apparently I believe in the fact that you believe in me more than I believe in myself!! So thank you very much! This one's for you!! (although not literally....'cause after all, it DID take me eight years....)

A little up-close of some of the blocks.


Kristiney said...

You are amazing. Only 8 years? It'd have taken me twice that!

Shauna said...

It is beautiful! What a treasure!

a little music said...

Get out of here! No, seriously - GET OUT OF HERE!!!

You are WAY too clever! What is up with you? Did you get whacked with the crafty stick or what? I can't figure it out.


You are the most incredibly domestic woman in the world.

Do you ever feel overloaded with cleverness and domesticity? Does Martha Stewart call you for tips because she's just plum out of ideas?

Tammy - you are my idol. No kidding. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. The honest truth is that if I lived next door to you, I would be a nervous wreck, because I would always feel that I would have to be baking and making and crafting and such. You are a super-mom in the truest sense of the word.

Really, I don't know how you do it. You're just awesome. I wish I'd never moved away from you. Then maybe some of you would have rubbed off on me. :)

JoMamma said...

AMAZING! It should be on the wall to display it's beauity. I am very impressed.

Peggy said...

Oh, my gosh! It's so very pretty! I especially love the blue and white one on the second row, and the purple, black, and pink one on the fifth row. And I am way impressed that you never gave up on it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't tenacious!

And, seriously, it impressed me, too, that you took it outside to photograph it, instead of just doing it in your living room where everything was easier because it already hung on your wall. See? You do everything the way it's supposed to be done!

Wendy said...

Holy Cow! What a tremendous accomplishment Tammy! Of course I knew you could do it ~ and it looks freakin' amazing.

You are talented beyond talented

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