Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Heart My Jason!

I think I actually surprised Jason this morning!  Believe me, this is no easy task.  This is the guy that guessed my Christmas gift to him was a sleeping bag--by looking at the 6"X10" box that I had stuffed it in to wrap.  Since he is so hard to trick, I stopped trying several years ago and turned my attention instead to planning Valentines Day parties for my kids classes at school.  Kids are excited wether it's a surprise or not!  Well, this year, as I hibernate after having a baby, I decided to give it another go.  This is what I came up with:

I spent a couple hours blowing up a hundred or so balloons. Hid them in my daughters closet, waited until Jason was sawing logs (really), and snuck them into the shower of our bathroom. It took approx. 30 trips back and forth. Balloons are not easy to transport, by the way. They also squeak when rubbed together.

I then took my list of "101 things I love about Jason" and placed it in a prominent manner so Jason wouldn't miss it in the morning. I composed this list on Wednesday, while attending to other tasks during the day. It was surprisingly easy to come up with so many things--given more time I think I could have thought of at least 202!

I have to say, I consider myself the luckiest girl on the face of the Earth to have such a great guy! Our first Valentines day together was 22 years ago. He gave me chocolate and flowers, I told him I loved him and successfully stunned him into submission! He never knew what hit him and this Valentines Day, I thank my lucky stars he never looked back!


Peggy said...

Awww. Tammy! That is so sweet! I bet he just loved it. What a great idea! And what a cool wife you are. Makes me want to do something way cooler than my usual next year.

Judy said...

That looked very cool. What a great way to celebrate!

kellieanne said...

Maybe next year I might be as cool a wife as you - maybe.

Carterista said...

Mind if I steal your idea for next year? I love it! Might need the loan of a powerful set of lungs, though. Ü

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