Friday, April 27, 2007

Well, despite the objections of Jason, (I'm still not sure what he was thinking), I gave Cameron his first haircut yesterday. I have issues when it comes to this: I am torn between excitement at the outcome, and sadness that yet another stage has passed in my baby's life.

When Sidney was a baby, my sister-in-law, Pat, used to say "doesn't it just make you sick when they grow up so fast?" I used to think, "I am relishing in each and every new stage and this is how it is supposed to be--babies grow and we should be happy about it!" I never wished any one of my kids stages away, I feel that time moves at the pace it is supposed to, to wish it to go faster or slower is robbing you and your kids of the present moment. Now, however, I know what Pat was talking about. With each child, I have wanted more and more for each adorable stage to last and last. I could cry right now when I think of the first 2-3 weeks of a baby's life. It is so fleeting! If I could somehow capture those feelings and moments and hang on to them a little longer I'd give almost anything. They are the sweetest imaginable! But when I think of all the cute things Cameron does now, I swing back to my original thinking---"THIS is the cutest stage so far!"

I delight in each stage and try to hold on to the feelings of the one that came before. My idea of heaven is to be able to rewind to any moment in your life and re-live the feelings the same way you did the first time--as many times as you want.

So despite my feelings when I took the first cut (you can see the sick look on my face) I'll try to focus on the sweet way it felt when Cameron gave me a smooch and the giggle I feel every time I look at his double crown in the back! It's perfect!!


kellieanne said...

I have come to the same line of thinking about each stage of my kids. I find myself giggling a little when Sammy is being naughty. Even that appeals to me. Naughtiness in little ones is so different. They are curious and trying to see where their boundaries are. Of course, I have my limits. Sammy's hitting and bossiness is getting old. However, the quietness that accompanies going through my purse and taking every picture, credit card, and valuable item out and spreading it all over my bedroom floor and drawing all over herself with my pen AND lipstick, kind of makes me chuckle.
I don't know what Jason was thinking, he looks cute with his new hair do.

Judy said...

I can't believe he would sit still enough for you to cut his hair. I have to bribe Piper with DVDs or food, or toys or cameras... you get the idea. I can cry just thinking about the baby stage that is long gone. I do love the smooching stage though.

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